Interdisciplinary research

As part of the University of Exeter Medical School’s research programme, the Centre is exploring a range of environment and human health issues. Our academics incorporate qualitative and quantitative research methods in a truly interdisciplinary fashion; connecting science, the arts and the humanities to improve understanding of the health risks and opportunities presented by the environment.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Life on Land

Valuing ecosystem services

This PhD study aims to build on the National Ecosystem Assessment approach to ecosystem services by applying its methods within a smaller defined geographical scale.

Clean Water and Sanitation, Industry, Life on Land

Do antibiotics in the environment lead to resistance in situ?

This 4-year PhD project is aiming to provide robust evidence for a causative relationship between environmental antibiotic concentrations selecting for resistance in situ.

Climate Action, Industry, Sustainable Cities and Communities

Indoor environments and respiratory health

This 3 year PhD project will investigate how indoor environments can impact on the respiratory illnesses chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities

Urban greenspace valuation toolkit

This Innovate UK funded project will create a web-based greenspace valuation tool, learning from and integrating existing planning tools.

Climate Action, Health and Wellbeing, Industry

Sustainable anaesthetic gases

Members of the ECEHH are collaborating with tech start-up SageTech to estimate the economic and environmental impacts of capturing and recycling anaesthetic gases.