Interdisciplinary research

The Centre's academics incorporate qualitative and quantitative research methods in a truly interdisciplinary fashion; connecting science, the arts and the humanities to improve understanding of the health risks and opportunities presented by the environment.

Blue Environments and Health

Aquariums as restorative environments

This PhD aims to investigate how viewing different amounts of marine life can influence human health and wellbeing.

Food Systems and Planetary Health

Community food and health

Establishing a research programme to evaluate community food production initiatives.

Antimicrobial Resistance and Microbiology, Nature, Biodiversity and Health

MRes Research: Uncovering pathogens in the soil microbiome

Investigating pathogens present in soil through the application of the Galleria mellonella model.

Climate Change

New Local Climate Adaptation Tool Supports Health and Wellbeing

A partnership between the European Centre for Environment and Human Health and Cornwall Council, supported by a wide range of local stakeholders is developing a tool to support local decision makers to plan and adapt to climate change.

Nature, Biodiversity and Health

Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services

The European Centre is playing a key role in the TObeWELL network, set up by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology.

Nature, Biodiversity and Health

Sensing Nature

Sensing Nature is exploring how people with varying forms and severities of sight impairment experience diverse types of nature.

Antimicrobial Resistance and Microbiology

Catchment-scale antimicrobial resistance

How do catchment-scale processes contribute to antibiotic resistance in coastal waters?

Climate Change

MEDMI – Big Data for Weather, Climate and Public Health

Research into the links between human health and the environment is  becoming ever more essential to develop interventions and policies that will protect lives and the wellbeing of populations now and in the future. Public health researchers face an ongoing challenge of accessing and linking human health and weather and climate data.

Climate Change

Climate change adaptation

The Centre is considering the health impacts of climate change in BASE, a major European Commission FP7 funded project on climate change adaptation.

Blue Environments and Health

Virtual blue spaces for psychological wellbeing

Using virtual reality to explore how beaches and coasts might improve psychological wellbeing.

Antimicrobial Resistance and Microbiology

PhD Research: Herbicides and antibiotic resistance

Investigating selection for antimicrobial resistance by plant protection products.

Nature, Biodiversity and Health

What approaches to social prescribing work, for whom, and in what circumstances? A realist review

The use of non-medical referral, community referral or social prescribing interventions has been proposed as a cost-effective alternative to help those with long-term conditions manage their illness and improve health…

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