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Research project

SWEEP – Informing investment in the environment for health

This project will address the government’s need for greater understanding of how investing in the environment can benefit health and wellbeing.

Research project

Beyond Greenspace

This research investigated how different types and qualities of natural environment can have varying relationships with human health and wellbeing.


Beyond Greenspace results released

The findings from a two-year in-depth investigation into how different types of green space can affect health have been released today.

Research project

Does living by the coast improve health and wellbeing?

This internationally acclaimed study used data from the UK’s census to show that people are more likely to have good health if they live closer to the sea.

Research project

Urban greenspace valuation toolkit

This Innovate UK funded project will create a web-based greenspace valuation tool, learning from and integrating existing planning tools.

Research project

Would you be happier living in a greener urban area?

This study draws on 18 years of panel data from over 10,000 participants and has found that urban green spaces can significantly improve mental wellbeing.