New website for businesses launched

Posted on 16th July 2013

A new site launched by a team at the European Centre is looking for local business leaders to help inform its development.

If you run your own business and employ between five and fifty people we’d like you to get involved.

Spring is a new, free website aiming to find out the best way to work with businesses and, as part of that, we’ll link you to like-minded Cornish companies and help your performance with easy-to-use, tailored and time-saving advice. Topics include employing and managing people, boosting output, reducing absenteeism with a healthier workforce, health & safety, green business, and helping your company be a part of where it’s based.

In return for access to this for three months, we’ll ask for feedback, so we can learn about what businesses want. This means taking five minutes to complete a questionnaire in July and October, and using the site – on any kind of device – as often as you like while it’s open.

Interested? Find out more and sign up here:

Confidentiality and your rights
None of the questions is on sensitive topics, and your participation is voluntary. All the data is made anonymous and we only use it for the study and to develop resources for businesses.

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