New climate adaptation tool released for local policy

Posted on 7th May 2024

A new UK-wide resource – Introduction to Local Climate Adaptation – has been released in a bid to bolster local climate resilience. Developed as part of the Local Climate Adaptation Tool (LCAT), the action-focused guide builds confidence and understanding of climate change to support climate action.

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In the UK, the warmest years on record have all occurred in the last 10 years. The UK has already been experiencing impacts like heatwaves, wildfires and flooding. By making adaptations, local areas can reduce some of the negative impacts of climate change while choosing options that benefit health and nature and make life fairer for everyone.

Funded by BlueAdapt and Oxfordshire County Council, and made in co-design with professionals from across Oxfordshire and other parts of the UK, the Guide explains why adaptation is necessary and provides practical insights on how to implement changes. From local authorities to NHS organisations, emergency services, charities, and businesses, the guide is tailored to meet the needs of diverse sectors and positions within local communities.

Jess Dicken, a public health Research Fellow from University of Exeter who led the delivery of the Guide explains:

“Not enough climate adaptation is happening across the UK and climate change poses a major risk to our communities’ health. Local decision-makers told us a major barrier to action is a lack of knowledge, skills and confidence. While more training is needed, they have little time for it. This guide, co-created with local decision-makers, allows flexible, time efficient learning, focused on the key issues to support climate action.”

Key features of the guide include insights into why climate adaptation is crucial, practical advice on effective adaptation strategies, real-life case studies, and guidance on supporting those most vulnerable to the changing climate. It aims to empower decision-makers across sectors and disciplines with the confidence to take proactive steps towards climate resilience.

Tom Layzell, Climate Adaptation Policy and Project Lead at Oxfordshire County Council, highlighted the collaborative nature of the project,

“By involving a diverse mix of voices from across the local area when designing this, we have been able to create something inspiring, positive and solutions-focused that will meet many needs across the UK. It’s a positive step in supporting local areas to manage the impacts of climate change and protect our local communities.”

The guide is intended to be shared via networks and further information is available from

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