Latest Wellbeing at Work newsletter released

Posted on 2nd November 2012

The latest edition of the ‘Wellbeing at Work’ e-newsletter is now available. There has been a lot happening in the world of health and work in the last few months and this edition tries to capture some of the most important themes, published research and reports on issues related to health and wellbeing at work, and new resources that are available to help employers and their employees lead healthier working lives.

The Public Health Responsibility Deal ‘Health at Work’ steering group is going from strength to strength with many more organisations signing up to existing or new pledges. In the newsletter there are articles on the new pledges, the Olympic Park occupational health success and the latest developments with the ‘Fitnote’.

There are also reports on building the business case, the Quality of Working Life, research into the health of the working age population of Europe and a report on the future of health and wellbeing in the workplace.

In the resources section you will find a wealth of information and publications, particularly concerning mental health and work related stress, which is now the most common reason for long term sickness absence in the UK and can have a detrimental effect on our long term health, performance and lifestyle choices. You will also find resources for alcohol at work, Men’s Health and lung cancer.

As the workforce ages and we retire later there will be an increased need to understand what employers can do to support individuals who choose to continue working. There is an article here and this will be something we return to in later editions.

At the European Centre we are currently involved in research with two public sector employers on health, work and wellbeing and with a private sector employer to understand what needs to be in place to transform communities. Keep an eye on our website for publications.

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