Special oceans and health journal edition released

Posted on 29th February 2016

The latest developments in the field of oceans and human health have been curated and published this month, in a special edition of the Journal of the Marine Biological Association.

The special issue of JMBA has been made free to access until August 2016, and is available here

It includes papers from Dr Mathew White, summarising his research into blue spaces and wellbeing, and contributions from Professor Lora Fleming on the context of oceans and health and harmful algal blooms.

The edition also features perspectives from economics and law on ocean and health impacts, as well as insights into a number of important biological mechanisms.

Several of the special issue’s authors have contributed their thoughts to the Cambridge Journals blog, which can be viewed here

This special issue emerged from an international meeting of experts in the field of oceans and human health in 2014, where delegates unanimously called for a coordinated, transnational and interdisciplinary research programme in Europe – a call that has recently been answered by the pan-European Blue Health project.



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