Have a say in our research

Posted on 21st June 2013

Through the creation of a new participation group, the Centre is seeking to involve members of the public in its research.

The group will bring together people interested in health and environment research to comment on proposed research, and help decide what projects should be undertaken.

Participants will also help to ensure that the Centre’s research is communicated in an open and accessible format, and aid the distribution of interesting findings to community groups.

Dr Ruth Garside, Senior Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis, is leading the creation of the group and holding an introductory seminar in July.

The experience that researchers have of health and the environment often comes from a specialised point of view. Members of the public provide a different way of looking at things, and can ground the discussion in practical experience.

Ruth and her colleagues are hoping to involve a wider group of people in the Centre’s research, giving people who could benefit from its findings a greater say in shaping its design.


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