Centre secures second round of funding

Posted on9th November 2012

The Centre has been awarded a second phase of funding to help continue its important research into the interconnections between the environment and human health.

The £4 million grant is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and has secured the Centre’s future until the end of 2014, representing continued confidence in the Centre and the impact it has already had at a regional, national and international level.

Since the Centre’s launch in May 2011, it has published a number of important research findings which are directly relevant to Cornwall, and embarked upon relationships with local businesses that are helping to develop skills and promote growth.

Community Interest Company, Global Boarders, is just one local initiative working with the Centre to develop their business, allowing both company and research team to investigate the benefits to children of interacting with the aquatic environment. Global Boarder’s Director, Mod Le Froy said:

“I can’t overemphasise how important this collaboration is to what we do. It informs our strategy and perceived value, assists us greatly with charity funding and helps make our work unique.”

Director of the European Centre for Environment & Human Health, Professor Lora Fleming said:

“Since our launch, we’ve produced research that is crucial to our understanding of the importance of the natural environment to health and wellbeing. We’ve worked with local companies and communities to ensure our research has direct relevance to the local economy, and have begun to train the next generation of academics. I’m delighted that this work will be able to continue as we grow Cornwall’s reputation as an international focus of expertise on the health and wellbeing.”

Dean of the University of Exeter Medical School, Professor Steve Thornton said:

“As populations increase, age and modernise, the connections between the environment and human health will be an increasingly important focus of research. This area is central to the research aims of the University of Exeter Medical School and the location of the European Centre in Cornwall presents a unique opportunity to ensure our studies are targeted and have relevance within the region.”

Chris Pomfret, Chair of the LEP and Deputy Chair of the Convergence Local Management Committee, which steers the Convergence programme said:

“The investment from the European Regional Development Fund Convergence programme is another example of European funding helping to drive research and innovation, both crucial if we want to see our economy grow, and the European Centre has already demonstrated their commitment to on-going health and wellbeing research located in Cornwall. Since its launch the Centre has proven itself on an international level, with its research and collaboration with Cornish companies making it an exemplar of how EU investment can boost regional innovation.”

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