Ageing research will be brought to life on stage

Posted on 30th May 2014

A new collaboration with performing arts company Theatrescience is hoping to bring the Centre’s research into active ageing to life.

Building upon the Moving Stories project, the verbatim script – under development with Theatrescience Co-director, Jeff Teare – is being formed from interviews with physically active older adults throughout the West Country.

Titled Moving Stories – Moving On, the show will concentrate on participants’ life stories and their attitudes to health, wellbeing and ageing, with the first performance scheduled for later in 2014.

Moving Stories investigated people’s experiences of being physically active in older age. Led by Dr Cassandra Phoenix, the project listened to the stories of older adults about ‘moving’ as well as providing insights into how physically active older adults are perceived by others.

It has shed light on how and why – at different points in their lives – some older people are able to deal with the barriers and challenges to being active that all of us can face.

Moving Stories – Moving On has been made possible by support from the University of Exeter’s Catalyst Seed Fund, an initiative aimed at promoting public engagement in research.

First performance dates and venues for will be available shortly.

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