Dr Richard Sharpe Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Richard Sharpe is currently working as an Advanced Public Health Specialist at Cornwall Council where he is responsible for leading on the learning disabilities needs assessment and collaborating with mental health teams across Cornwall. As an honorary member, Richard is also working in collaboration with the Centre to develop research projects influencing health outcomes.  He is currently leading on a collaborative fuel poverty project with Dr Ben Wheeler and Dr Tim Taylor which has recently been funded by the Eaga Charitable Trust.

He is also in the process of completing a project to  investigate physical activity in older adults. The project is working in collaboration with an Expert Advisory Group to deliver three strands of work, including a qualitative review, systematic review of reviews and overarching synthesis. Richard is leading on the second stream of the project, which involves a systematic review to assess the effectiveness of physical activity interventions.

Richard has also completed a Health and Housing project, which was a collaborative effort with business partner, Coastline Housing, to investigate factors contributing to air quality and poor health outcomes. This project used a multidisciplinary approach that employed epidemiological, molecular and asset management based approaches to explore indoor air quality and risk of allergic diseases.

Richard also has extensive experience in project management and business planning. He has gained expertise from work within healthcare consultancy and procurement, environmental management, and running his own business – working directly with home and land owners and a number of conservation organisations.

He has also completed an MSc in water and environmental management, focusing on water and waste water management, marine and terrestrial pollution management and control, and air quality assessment and management.

This training also included the set-up of a water efficiency project in collaboration with South West Water. Richard conducted home surveys to assess the uptake of water conservation activities and assess whether water conservation strategies offered a sustainable approach to meeting the supply and demand balance and off-set future climate change risks, published in the Water and Environment Journal.