Dr Sahran Higgins Research Fellow

Sahran is an Ecologist whose research is concerned with how environmental change affects the ecological and evolutionary processes that underpin the delivery of ecosystem services for human health.

Sahran is experienced in collaborating on large European projects and is currently working on the Horizon2020 funded INHERIT project where she is examining the role multiple environmental stressors, such as environmental change, climate change and urbanisation, have on health.

Previously she has also conducted research as part of the FP7 funded BASE project and used GIS and statistical methods to examine impacts of climate change on health in the UK.

Sahran has also conducted research into whether there are specific ecological characteristics of ‘green space’ – and natural environments as a whole – which may be important in providing beneficial health outcomes.

She is an advocate for multi-disciplinary approaches to addressing key questions relating to environment and health, and works closely with colleagues both within and outside of the Centre. Other areas of research include:

  • Landscape genetics and adaptation to environmental change
  • Spatial modelling
  • Urban ecology and green infrastructure
  • Ecosystem services