Dr Mathew White Senior Lecturer in Risk & Health

Dr Mathew White has a background in applied social psychology. Using theories drawn from social and cognitive psychology he is interested in how people make health and environmentally related decisions under uncertainty.

One strand of research examines how people interpret risk information and who they trust to inform and help them make decisions. Another strand examines how people make decisions about how to spend their limited time in order to maximise psychological health. A third strand examines the relationship between natural environments and psychological health.

Dr White uses a broad range of methods including analysis of secondary datasets, original surveys, interviews and lab and field experiments.

Current research projects include:

  • Blue Gym for Kids: Child health and well-being from natural aquatic environments (with Rebecca Jenkin, Ian Frampton)
  • Cognitive benefits of natural environments (with Amanda Hignett, Tim Perfect & Jackie Andrade)
  • Choice and counterfactual thinking (with Rebecca Hafner & Simon Handley)
  • From sea to saucepan: Society and safe sustainable shellfish (with Will Gaze & Clare Redshaw)
  • Natural environments and craving (with Jackie Andrade)
  • Nature and the brain (with Ian Frampton, Jon Fulford, Ian Summers & Michael Depledge)
  • Relocation and health (with Ian Alcock, Ben Wheeler & Michael Depledge)
  • The Blue Gym: Health and well-being from natural aquatic environments (Katherine Ashbullby, Chloe Thomas, Alex Smalley, Sabine Pahl & Michael Depledge)
  • The impact of excess choice on volunteering (with Lauren Carroll & Sabine Pahl)
  • The restorativeness of sub-aquatic environments (with Debbie Cracknell, Sabine Pahl & Michael Depledge)
  • Using virtual nature in health care (with Karin Tanja-Dikstra, Sabine Pahl, David Moles and Jackie Andrade)