Dr Lihong Zhang Research Fellow

Dr Lihong Zhang is a microbiologist focusing on pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes in polluted environments, particularly the correlation between these and human health.

One of Dr Zhang’s major research foci is considering antibiotic resistant gene flow via mobile genetic elements, specifically among indigenous animals, humans and micro-organisms.

Another of his research objectives is to quantify the prevalence and diversity of pathogens in polluted systems. This area uses molecular and cellular techniques and looks at bacterial and viral pathogens in human polluted aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Dr Zhang works with Dr William Gaze in collaboration with scientists within the UK, Thailand, Canada and the EU.

Current research areas include:

  • Identifying novel antibiotic resistance genes from environmental metogenomic libraries
  • Characterising novel antibiotic resistance genes in term of activity, structure and origin
  • Class 1 integron prevalence in relation to antibiotic resistance genes from the environment
  • Co-selection by disinfectants for antibiotic resistance genotypes
  • Prevalence and diversity of bacterial pathogens in coastal waters