Dr Alison Curnow Associate Professor in Science & Scholarship

Dr Alison Curnow is a senior member of the University of Exeter Medical School’s academic teaching faculty and the majority of her working week is dedicated to developing and delivering the School’s medical and scientific undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. She is currently Deputy Director of Undergraduate Medicine (BMBS) as well as the Programme Lead for our MSc in Environment & Human Health.

With over two decades’ experience of conducting translational photobiological and oncological related research, she is known worldwide for her photodynamic therapy (PDT) research and leadership (Secretary General (2009-13) and Director (2005-16) of the International Photodynamic Association and  Editor of the Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology B: Biology (2001-10)).

Dr Curnow is an ASPIRE Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, you can find out more here and access more information about her research here.