Visualising climate change

This two day conference, supported by the University of Exeter Medical School and Irish Environmental Protection Agency brought together a diverse range of specialists to discuss best practice in the visualisation of climate change data.

World leading communicators, designers and academics were in attendance and shared recent design and research developments in the field, particularly focusing on the use of visual communication for information and motivation.

You can view posters from the event here

As part of the conference, an evening exhibition invited members of the public to engage with a number of visualisations, widening participation in the event and provoking debate.

View images from the event here

This page serves as a resource of information and will be updated as new outputs are published.

An overview of presentations and tweets is available here

Notes from the hands-on workshop can be viewed here

The visual tool kit for climate change can be accessed here


Visualising climate change: it’s all in the mind

Prof Chris Rapley, Professor of Climate Science at UCL, presented on climate, visualisation and storytelling:

Communicating advocacy with data visualisation

Showcase of work and presentation on how to tell a story to engage your audience, by Wesley Grubbs, CEO of Pitch Interactive, Inc in California, USA:

Empowering Communities: Making climate change local and exploring alternative future visions

Prof Stephen Sheppard, University of British Columbia, on how visualising the impacts of climate change on local communities, along with visual depictions of adaptation or mitigation, can be a very useful to drive local engagement in vulnerable areas: