Case studies

Improving sensory experiences for older people

Working with the Sensory Trust, this joint research project is undertaking a systematic review to assess the health and wellbeing benefits of sensory experiences, especially in the outdoors.

Reconnecting children with nature

A ground-breaking research partnership involving the Eden Project and Zelda School is hoping to reinvigorate children’s connections with nature through the development of a new method of teaching called 'Narrative Journey'.

Stimulating growth for wellbeing businesses

In a pioneering research initiative, John Tredinnick Rowe has worked with Spiezia Organics to improve understanding of how the health and wellbeing sector can work with mainstream organisations such as the NHS.

Examining links between health and housing

This research-business partnership is working with Cornish companies Coastline Housing and Carnego Systems to use cutting edge technology to understand how resident behaviour can affect indoor air quality in our homes.

Research partnership brings multiple benefits

Working with two community interest companies, this research partnership is providing a powerful way to examine how natural environments can affect children’s health and wellbeing.

Mobile tech collaboration explores rare disease

This Cornish research partnership is using mobile technology to transform our understanding of Ménière’s Disease, a rare and poorly understood condition. Bringing together the region’s leading academic and digital experts, the collaboration is highlighting Cornwall's expertise in eHealth.

eHealth partnership pioneers digital monitoring

Through its novel use of technology this Cornish project will help to uncover the links between exercise and Ankylosing Spondylitis, a chronic and potentially debilitating medical condition.

Improving lobster survival rates

In this collaborative research project, the National Lobster Hatchery has partnered with the European Centre to develop a series of experiments that will help to improve the survival rates of lobster hatchlings, and boost their populations in Cornish waters. The NHL is based in Padstow, Cornwall, and aiming to support the region’s vulnerable coastal biodiversity.

Exploring new methods of data collection

In this collaborative 'citizen science' project the Centre and Cornish digital company, Sea Communications, are developing an interactive application and digital platform to explore relationships between the quality of natural environments and human health and wellbeing.