Archived research projects

Completed studies

Communicating the impacts of road transport

This European Social Fund supported PhD project aimed to understand people’s perceptions of and the barriers towards engaging with information relating to electric vehicles in Cornwall.

Dynamic misspecification in the environmental Kuznets curve

The environmental Kuznets curve is a theoretical relationship between measures of environmental degradation and income per person. The theory suggests that as economic growth occurs, pollution and damage to the environment increase. Beyond a certain level of income the theory predicts that this relationship will reverse and improvements to the environment will occur. This study…

From sea to saucepan

This ESF sponsored PhD project worked with local company Aquatic Water Services to investigate stakeholder perceptions of consuming shellfish.

Health and Housing

This award-winning European Social Fund supported PhD investigated the links between energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and health.

Leverhulme artist in residence

This Leverhulme Trust funded artist in residence position has allowed artist Jonty Lees to create several works of art that have had both profound and lasting effects on the Centre and its staff.