Current research projects

Ongoing and recently completed studies

Environmental pollutants and antibiotic resistance

Assessing selection for antibiotic resistance in the natural environment. Established theories suggest that selection for resistant bacteria usually occurs in the human body, when a patient is under antibiotic therapy. However, recent research suggests that low concentrations of antibiotics and other compounds in the natural environment could drive selection for antibiotic resistance. This study is…

Genetic implications for type 2 diabetes

This study will use newly released UK Biobank data to investigate the role that genetic makeup could play in the promotion or resistance of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a significant health burden worldwide; in the UK it costs the NHS £296 per second and roughly 50% of diabetic patients die prematurely…

Impacts of school gardening – a systematic review

This systematic review will assess the existing evidence relating to the health and wellbeing impacts of gardening and growing plants at school. It will use a systematic approach to identify, appraise and synthesise relevant research evidence.

Landscapes of the life course initiative

This project brings together the University of Exeter, the Eden Project and Artist James Eddy to understand how people experience different environments over their lives.

Medicinal Futures

The Medicinal Futures project is working across the South West to improve our understanding of the ways that young people perceive and use pharmaceuticals.

Nature and Health Evidence Briefings

This project is producing a series of briefing notes for Natural England to summarise the most compelling evidence linking natural environments with health.