Nature and Health Evidence Briefings

This project is producing a series of briefing notes for Natural England that summarise the most compelling evidence linking natural environments with health.

The notes will focus on key health and wellbeing outcomes and pathways related to the exposure to, and use of, natural environments.

The themes of the five evidence briefing notes are:

  1. Physiological health (e.g. cancer, diabetes)
  2. Mental, psychological, emotional and cognitive health
  3. Obesity
  4. Physical activity
  5. Educational performance and academic attainment

A sixth note is being produced, by Natural England in collaboration with the Centre, focusing on the concept of ‘nature connection’.

The briefing notes will summarise the latest research to inform best practice and to identify needs and strategies for further research. Each note will review the evidence of the impact of the natural environment to the health and wellbeing outcome, clarifying the extent, strength and reliability of the information.

Evidence relating to both children and adults will be considered as will interactions and pathways between exposures, behaviours and outcomes.

The notes will be suitable to inform the activities of policy, practitioners and practice enablers – such as Natural England, Natural Resources Wales – as well as local decision makers, and the wider research community.

They will be available in late spring 2016.