Current research projects

Ongoing and recently completed studies

Assessing exposure to antibiotic resistance

Identifying environmental reservoirs of novel antibiotic resistant genes This project is seeking to reveal how humans are exposed to environmental reservoirs of antibiotic resistant organisms. Previous work by Dr William Gaze has demonstrated that the natural environment can act as a reservoir of previously unknown antibiotic resistant genes. By cloning DNA into antibiotic susceptible E.…

Bacteria and viral resistance

This project is investigating whether sex in bacteria can help them get ahead in their arms race with viruses. Just as humans, bacteria suffer from attack of deadly viruses. Parasitic viruses and their hosts are locked in a continuing arms race: hosts develop resistance against their parasites, and parasites evolve to overcome this resistance and…

Beyond Greenspace

This research investigated how different types and qualities of natural environment can have varying relationships with human health and wellbeing.


The BlueHealth project brings together a multi-disciplinary consortium to investigate how aquatic environments affect the health of Europe’s population.

Climate change adaptation

The Centre is considering the health impacts of climate change in BASE, a major European Commission FP7 funded project on climate change adaptation.