Dr Shukru Esmene Honorary Research Fellow

Shukru Esmene completed his PhD at the Centre in January 2016.

The project explored the communication and public understanding of academic research- using electric vehicles as a case study. The unique settings in Cornwall provided rich insights into how history, culture and geographical setting can influence the interaction of a diverse group of publics with scientific knowledges.

The research took place under the supervision of Dr Tim Taylor and Dr Michael Leyshon (Geography, Penryn Campus), and in collaboration with a local business; Eco-drive. His current work is concerned with planning communication strategies for different audiences to increase engagement and discourses outside of academia around science.

Prior to the PhD Shukru completed a BSc in Environmental Geoscience and MSc in Environment, Science and Society at University College London. His academic focus was on the environmental impacts of the mining, oil and gas sectors.

Additionally, during his MSc Shukru specialised in sustainable construction and the environmental assessments of building projects, working in this sector in London following his studies.