Andy FitzGerald PhD Student

Andy FitzGerald is a part-time PhD student studying the impact of sediment and water interactions on the microbiological quality of shellfish.

Andy is also considering the impact these interactions are likely to have on bathing waters, particularly from a regulatory and public health perspective.

This work is a NERC funded CASE project in association with industrial partner Aquatic Water Services Ltd (AWS). Dr William Gaze is his principal Supervisor with input from Dr Jonathan Porter of the National Laboratory Service Starcross and Linda Skeats of AWS.

Andy also works as a Marine Environmental Scientist, with 25 years’ experience in the shellfish and water sectors. He started his career as a Marine Scientist with Wimpol before transferring to Wimpey Environmental as a Senior Environmental Scientist – undertaking a wide range of projects.

Since 1995 Andy has been self-employed and has worked increasingly with shellfish and microbial regulatory issues.