Changes in Household Energy Efficiency, Fuel Poverty and Health

Posted on 28th June 2017

This is a collaborative fuel poverty project between the University of Exeter Medical School (European Centre for Environment and Human Health), Public Health Devon, Public Health Cornwall, the NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and the Energy Saving Trust which has been funded by the EAGA charitable trust.

This is a novel study in which we aim to link a range of housing, environmental and health data sets (such as Homes Energy efficiency database (HEED) and hospital admissions data) to assess the sustainability and health promoting effects of household energy efficiency improvements – particularly in relation to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The project, led by Dr Richard Sharpe and Dr Ben Wheeler, is the first of its kind to highlight the extent of the impact of poor housing on public health and health care use.

It will also use detailed housing information from the newly developed Devon Home Analytics Portal and primary/secondary care data to further investigate the role of housing improvements on health and well-being. Furthermore, this exploratory project will help us examine whether  this tool is transferable to other areas. We aim to assess whether this new tool offers an effective method for targeting investment and services in Devon and Cornwall which could have relevance elsewhere.

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Dr Richard Sharpe
Dr Ben Wheeler
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