Understanding the health benefits of green infrastructure

JOHT Resources recently partnered with the Centre to explore how the potential health benefits of green infrastructure, such as parks and gardens, can be included in urban planning.

Based in Cornwall, JOHT Resources specialises in providing consultancy services for economic development, regeneration and planning.

As part of the Centre’s In Residence scheme and working closely with economist Dr Tim Taylor, the collaboration has produced a critical review of our understanding into the health and wellbeing benefits of green infrastructure.

Valuing the socio economic benefits of green infrastructure is an area of developing interest at a national policy level – as evidenced through the National Ecosystems Assessment published in 2011. It is also an area of great interest in Cornwall and the team are hopeful that their partnership will provide a platform for further research in the area, enabling the Centre to apply for European funding.

Jo Talbot, Director at JOHT Resources said:

This project has helped to raise our profile in the area of green planning. It’s also provided us with a good base from which to develop further research in an increasingly important area of planning.”

Dr Tim Taylor said:

Working with JOHT has enabled us to gain an insight into the way planners think, and to investigate the key issues involved in assessing the health benefits of green infrastructure. Valuing the potential benefits is one way that decision makers can identify priorities for action.”

The review has been published in the February edition of the Town & Country Planning Association’s monthly journal Town and Country Planning

Image courtesy of Shutterstock