Benefits to business

Businesses are constantly seeking to improve competitiveness, productivity and to attract and retain talented employees. For the voluntary sector the focus is on improving services to client groups.

Being part of the Centre’s research can offer your organisation a number of benefits:

Open new markets
By working with Cornish companies to explore new intellectual and technical territory, the Centre’s research is providing crucial credibility in the quest to access new commercial areas.

Raise awareness to a diverse audience
By producing high quality research, publishing findings in peer reviewed journals, contributing to policy summaries and gaining widespread coverage in media, we are shining a spotlight on research in Cornwall and ensuring our message is heard by decision makers throughout UK and Europe.

Gain a competitive advantage
Research and development can often be the catalyst for small companies to evolve and expand. The Centre is working to create long term and mutually beneficial relationships with Cornish businesses, helping them to connect with other organisations and grow through applied research and development.

Retain, develop and attract talented young minds
By bringing ground breaking research into Cornwall, the Centre is providing job opportunities for highly skilled individuals, retaining home grown talent as well as attracting high value employees to the region.

“We’ve attended networking events, benefitted from academic support and had crucial help with funding applications. Thanks to all of this we’ve been able to create new jobs, helping us to grow and connect more people with the benefits of interacting with nature.” Jane Acton, Nature Workshops

Get in touch to find out more about how to get involved by contacting the Knowledge Exchange team on 01872 258145 or