Working with us

The Centre works with businesses to help develop environment and health research that will have commercial applications and societal benefits, leading to improvements in people’s health and wellbeing.

Partnerships with community groups, the voluntary sector and profit and not-for-profit organisations are fundamental to the success of the Centre’s research.

Through joint studies, PhD projects, forums and events, we are working with a range of organisations to create meaningful collaborations and produce findings with clearly defined applications.

Being part of the research and innovation process can create a variety of commercial opportunities, allowing companies to build evidence-based solutions, drive policy and raise profiles.

We work with organisations of all sizes including start-ups, sole traders, SMEs, social enterprises, the voluntary sector and community interest groups. The interdisciplinary nature of our work ensures that our research can be applied to a host of sectors. Whether it is a food manufacturer, landscape designer or surf school, the Centre can work with almost any business to develop novel and mutually beneficial investigations in environment and human health.

Research in the UK and internationally is increasingly being driven by the need to collaborate with industry, the community and policy makers. A strong knowledge-based economy is crucial to the economic and social wellbeing of the UK and through our programme of research, the Centre is working closely with enterprises to deliver these outcomes.

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