In the current era of great social and economic upheaval and unprecedented global environmental change, understanding the links between the environment and human health and wellbeing has never been more important.

On the one hand, our actions are severely damaging ecosystems and potentially impairing human wellbeing through climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. Whilst on the other, society is beginning to appreciate the beneficial effects of the natural environment on health; providing opportunities to tackle major worldwide problems ranging from poor mental health to obesity.

As an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research Centre, we are aiming to improve our understanding of these contradictory developments by bringing together scientists, businesses and communities.

We are seeking to involve policy makers at local, national and international levels in our research, and with the continued support of the European Regional Development Fund, focus on seven core aims:

  1. Become an internationally and locally relevant research centre, recognised as a hub of expertise and knowledge in the environment and human health field;
  2. Develop cutting edge, business-relevant research across several areas;
  3. Diversify our funding base to ensure long-term sustainability;
  4. Increase the number of international students and training activities at the Centre;
  5. Conduct world class research across a number of disciplines;
  6. Build partnerships globally with key stakeholders and complimentary research groups, to enable the Centre to compete successfully for research funds;
  7. Communicate to policy makers our findings on the links between environment and human health.